Goss Receives Order for M130 Press Upgrade at Catamount Color

| November 16, 2017

Goss (gossinternational.com) has received an order for an M130 press upgrade at Catamount Color with the goal of improving efficiency, reducing waste and enhancing color consistency.
The upgrade on the M130 sixteen-page web press system will include an ink fountain upgrade, which consists of the more responsive one-piece ink key motors and potentiometers which are less costly and easier to replace than previous generation ink keys.

“The combination of the mechanical upgrade to the ink fountain and replacement of the ink fountain electrics provide Catamount Color the gateway for improved presets, and the use of the closed-loop color system will reduce make-ready time and waste, run waste, and produce a superior quality printed product over the length of run,” says Scott Derouin, Goss Sales Manager – Northeast.

“We anticipate significant cost savings in paper waste and time. The quality and consistency of our product will be better,” says John McGrath, CEO and owner of Catamount Color. “There will be more uptime due to new electronics and drives. We are also hoping we have covered ourselves from excessive downtime at the most inopportune time caused by obsolete parts.”

Catamount Color, formerly known as Offset House, produce brochures, catalogues, newspaper inserts, mailers, flyers, and signs from their 70,000-square-foot space in Essex, Vermont.

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