Contech’s Shaftless Unwind

| May 11, 2015

contechFor Almost 40 years Contech has been engineering and manufacturing equipment that completes processes most thought were impossible. For more than 100 industries, Contech has been designing equipment systems that convert your problems into successes by improving the converting process and system automation in order to eliminate labor, improve plant efficiency, and increase customer profits. With our new Shaftless Unwind we are continuing to do just that! Our Shaftless Unwind minimizes downtime between rolls to give you more production hours daily and is used by converters universally for increased plant safety and production.

The unwinds are loaded from the ends or from a side loading roll cart. The unwinds can be placed under an overhead transfer structure which may contain, tension control and web steering devices. Our shaftless unwind are designed to increase production by providing speedy roll changes and an increase in worker safety. Each machine is engineered and manufactured to the customer’s needs and required application specifics.

All of our unwind machines can be equipped with features such as traditional braking, spindle and surface-drive variations, as well as guiding, tension control, and a variety of core chucks styles, in addition, we have the capability to mate them to other converting equipment. Contact us for more information, we welcome the opportunity to earn your business and show you why Contech has been the converting industry’s premier custom equipment manufacturer for almost 40 years.


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